Sugar: Enemy # 1 at risk of hypertension


We have always the danger of hypertension associated with a diet high in sodium, but maybe it’s time to expand or clarify this concept, since we now know that sugar is the No. 1 enemy at risk for hypertension.

Until now the most general and popular method, to combat hypertension, was to moderate the daily consumption of salt in our diet. Well, it seems that the key lies not there, because the benefits appear to be relatively small, but in the control of the consumption of added sugar. Continue reading “Sugar: Enemy # 1 at risk of hypertension”

Be careful when training your back! Some tips to place us properly


We have talked about the importance of putting ourselves correctly in the practice of training, since it is necessary to keep the parts well worked together and avoid overloading others. The back is usually a part in many exercises usually involve inadvertently because of misplacement of it. So we want in this post give some tips to keep in mind when settling.

It is true that back, specifically the backbone is a link to all parts of the body, and thus is involved in most movements and postures we perform throughout the day. But this does not mean that we should force it and not give it the attention it deserves, since the appearance of contractual and injuries due to its misuse are the order of the day, and more among the people that we train in a habitual way. Continue reading “Be careful when training your back! Some tips to place us properly”

Training the antagonists to achieve a perfect balance


We have spoken many times about the importance of working all body parts equally, and more when it comes to opposing areas that need to be strengthened at par, as the imbalance between these can be high if you do not consider. This is why we want to stop in the parts that we work and their antagonists. Especially to have a reference when it comes to training correctly.

The main problem is that many people to see that part develops more, or is more aesthetic, tend to focus on training her in detriment of the rest. Also many others may have a lack of knowledge or poor training in muscle knowledge. Therefore it is important that we review the main muscles that we train and that must be accompanied by the work of their antagonists. Continue reading “Training the antagonists to achieve a perfect balance”

Egg and vanilla fitness flan

Egg and vanilla

Some time ago in one of our fitness dessert recipes you proposed a recipe for protein pudding very simple and quick, for which we used fresh cheese beaten 0% as protein source.

As there are many that are not big fans of this product, today we offer another recipe fitness egg custard and vanilla protein in which replace some ingredients with which we will continue getting a good supply of protest.

Like the previous recipe, dessert will be a very simple and quick to prepare, and to facilitate a little recipe this time we will use the oven instead of the characteristics pots for cooking prove you more comfortable. Continue reading “Egg and vanilla fitness flan”