Strategies to control hypertension

In one of our tickets yesterday we told you that as opposed to what we have always believed, according to recent studies, sugar has become the enemy No. 1 in hypertension problems.

And is that we have always tried to mitigate the problems of blood pressure through the restriction of sodium, but from now also we must do so through the added sugars. Today we tell some strategies to control hypertension.

Yesterday we gave some guidelines or general advice as trying to take fresh produce and discard processed by excess sodium and sugars that lead, but today we will dig a little deeper into some factors that must control to achieve our purpose of “keeping At-risk “blood pressure.

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Levels that destabilize sugar

One of the underlying problems that directly affects hypertension, is the excess production of insulin and leptin in response of our body at too high sugar level in the body, and that’s where the problem starts.

If optimal levels of insulin are altered, it will stop storing magnesium to be expelled directly through urine. And what happens then? Very simple, if the magnesium level is too low, the blood vessels do not relax enough and give rise to increased blood pressure.

Similarly to rise fructose levels, excessive consumption of sugar, it will also raise the uric acid and thus increase blood pressure by inhibition of nitric oxide in the blood vessels. As you see, all problems!

What can we do then?

Follow some strategies as we suggest and take into account certain important factors, something unknown, will help us greatly in our purpose:

  • Ask yourself food strategies : avoid processed foods, high in salt and low in potassium and carbohydrates unnatural sources, and instead incorporates healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, oily fish, some nuts … A good Sodium-potassium ratio is critical to combat hypertension.
  • Follow a good physical training program : including exercises at high intensity intervals and weight training to increase blood flow to the muscles that will increase sensitivity to insulin.
  • Maintain an optimal ratio between Omega 3-Omega 6 : we discussed at the time that most people consume too Omega6 with respect to consumption of Omega3. It is important to find the optimal balance between the two, because the Omega3 in the right proportion will help us to restore insulin sensitivity that we can lose, as mentioned before, through the excessive consumption of sugars.
  • The importance of vitamin D : the beneficial properties of vitamins such as C and E in hypertension are known, but we must give utmost importance to vitamin D. A deficiency linked to arterial stiffness , hypertension determinant as it involves the Inability to send optimal pressure signals to the nervous system.
  • Beware of stress : the relationship between stress and states of nervousness or anxiety, is more than clear. If you suffer from hypertension problems try to avoid strong emotions that can destabilize you, and try to follow relaxation strategies. 

    Similarly, although there are still no clear scientific evidence about it , if you notice that the caffeine or protein increases these states of stress or nervousness, try to avoid taking these foods. In the end remember, that no one knows your body better than yourselves!

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