Is stress also guilty of high cholesterol?

The stress is bad very common these days, and long – term and sustained, can cause significant impact on our body. However, is it also guilty of high cholesterol?

Stress can raise our blood pressure, cause insomnia, changing habits and changes in our mental performance as well as our mood, but is capable of raising the cholesterol in the human body?

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In this regard, a study found that mental and emotional stress increased by 11% cholesterol levels in healthy males compared with the control group, however, these findings were obtained with a small group of people, long ago.

Also found one link between cholesterol and cortisol , a stress hormone, in people with heart disease, which can be key in the relationship between cardiovascular disease and dyslipidemia.

Also, more recently it teamed personality type with cortisol levels and plasma cholesterol, noting that those who get stressed easily also have higher levels of cholesterol in your body.

Of course, also has proven the link between stress and cardiovascular disease, which may have to do with the changes that this evil so current produced in our body, such as a decrease in HDL cholesterol or heart protector, and Greater accumulation of fat, as well as an increase in blood pressure.

Although the evidence is not much and still is confusing, perhaps so not so direct the stress itself can increase levels of cholesterol in our body, because as we have said many times, the stress alters our metabolism and our hormones, leading to worsen our Lifestyle and this can certainly elevate or alter plasma lipids.

Why and how bad it can be chronic stress in our body, it is best to be alert and go to different resources that allow us to keep under control the stress in day to day because some stress every day not harm us But it even benefits us, but sustained over time can seriously damage us, producing among other things, an increase in cholesterol in our body.

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