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Today we will talk with you about caring for combination skin. Combination skin type is so called for the unification of the properties inherent in oily and dry skin at the same time. Probably, this is familiar to many. For more information about this type of skin you can read in the article Types of skin Fat T-zone combined with dryness of the remaining parts of the face, also has a tendency to pimples on oily areas. Therefore, for such skin care should be comprehensive, aimed at solving many problems simultaneously.

Selection of home-made mask for combination skin is extensive, and they take into account its features. Natural homemade mask, as a rule, much more efficient, safer and more economical than store bought cosmetics. Using them correctly and in strict accordance with the recipes, you can achieve visible positive changes.

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It is important to always use the masks to carry out the test. Suddenly you have allergies? How to conduct such a test? On the wrist or elbow for 10 minutes impose a mask, wash and carefully look at the skin. If everything is OK, then you can apply for all persons.

What problems we solve, using homemade face mask for combination skin?

  • Getting rid of the greasy shine in the T-zone.
  • Getting rid of blackheads on the face.
  • Moisturize dry places.
  • Getting rid of the redness, peeling, rashes.

Basic care for combination skin. Pets mask for combination skin.

A lot of nutrients needed skin, contain wild berries. Therefore, make-up skin at least once a week as a mask is recommended to use mashed strawberries and raspberries (can substitute juice). Puree diluted milk, then it is impregnated in gauze and is applied to cleansed face. Those who are allergic to strawberries, it is possible to use a mask of honey and apple puree, cooked in the same way.

The primary care will approach a very simple mask of egg yolk and any oil from plant material. Apply it in stages: first dry patches of skin lubricated with oil, then applied on top of the whipped egg yolk. As the drying of the layer must be applied on top of another, and so up to three times. For a refreshing effect of the can to pour a couple of drops of aloe juice. Mask wash off after 10 minutes.

Alignment tone and bleaching

One of the most popular issues among owners of combination skin – patchy complexion, due to the fact that different areas have different skin type. Cheeks and sides of the nose can be a painful red, while the forehead and chin are bright. The overall picture can spoil and unwanted pigmentation.

The best way to achieve a smooth complexion with combination skin – mask from yeast. One item. Yeast spoon diluted with warm milk to form density. The milk-yeast mixture interferes with one raw egg, spoon with a hill of wheat, oat or rice flour and a little olive oil. Gruel is applied a thick layer after thorough mixing, left for 17-20 minutes.

Purifying mask for combination skin. Mask for skin with acne

Acne (acne and rash) – a serious problem that requires medical measures. And the mask in such a case should be used with caution, after consultation with a dermatologist. One of the most popular and safe masks for combination skin with acne is on the basis of low-fat yogurt. The required amount of ingredients – 1 tablespoon. To this should be added a tablespoon of dry yeast and very little soda. The mask rests on the face 20 minutes, non-greasy cream is applied. The procedure helps to reduce inflammation and clear problem skin effectively.

Rejuvenating mask for combination skin

This mask with a pleasant aroma will not only effectively solve the problems of combination skin, but also will contribute to the rejuvenation. The main component – a tablespoon of coconut milk, which is necessary to take a fresh, straight from the nut. It added a teaspoon of honey and oatmeal. Coconut mask should be washed off after 15-20 minutes. Coconut actively manifests regenerating and toning properties.

Of course, the coconut is not often happens with us. If you want to make something simpler, here is one simple mask. Simple in its components, but very effective. Yogurt, white clay, and lavender oil.

The ideal mask for combination skin.

Lotion and tonic for combination skin. Skin cleansing.

You may also want to prepare a lotion and a tonic for the daily cleansing, preparing skin for cream application, make-up or make-up remover before going to bed. The lotion is made from conventional cooking bay leaf. Leaves in the number of 4-5 pieces need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a couple of hours. This tool is great mattes the skin, eliminating the gloss. It is recommended to use only the fatty areas of the skin.

Tonic for combination skin is made from the peel of grapefruit . The peel is put in an enamel bowl and poured about half a glass of cold water. Then it should be a good chop with a knife right in the water and leave in a form for a couple of days. This tonic great choice for the evening and the morning washing.

Universal mask made of chocolate for combination and oily skin (video), lemon, chamomile, chocolate and clay. Simple, affordable and effective.

Our results after applying nourishing masks at home.

With all the “arsenal” of these popular recipes created specifically for the combined skin type, you can reduce the number of problems and get rid of them altogether. Dry areas will be moistened, fat, on the contrary, will get rid of excess sebum. The skin is prone to acne and blackheads, it will be easier to clean and soothe. Additional bonuses in the form of rejuvenation, whitening, improve skin tone – one more argument in favor of home-made masks for the face.

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