Everything you need to know to make your first career a success

With spring begins the racing season and if one of your New Year’s resolutions has been start running (or as you did before) may are ready to face your first race 10 kilometers, are you game? We give you the keys to all the preparation you need to do to make your first 10K a success.

Choosing the perfect race

The first thing you have to do is choose the race in which you’re going to debut. Maybe you’ve been training for a particular career, but if it’s not, it’s important that before you decide on one particular you take into account several factors.

career a success
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One of the most important is the altimetry of the race, i.e. the height changes that will have the race. If it is your first race you do not want it to be very rompepiernas (that has many descents and abrupt and followed climbs) or that has very long climbs. Choose a race that is fairly flat, although that in some cities like Madrid is complicated.

The route of the race is also important: you’ll pass through known areas? Does it run through the city center or in a park on the outskirts? If the course of the race is new for you a good idea is that you go to meet him a few days before; You do not have to run it: walking quietly while taking a walk will familiarize yourself with it so that it does not catch you by surprise.

A final factor to consider is the atmosphere of the race and the spread of it. If you choose a very large race (San Silvestre, Women’s Race, etc.) you may not get a good taste because it is difficult to run with so many people. However, these races always have a sensational festive atmosphere.

Preparations the days before

Career outfit

Here you always have to be up to this: not estrogen anything the day of the race. Never. Never. Because you do not know how to respond to those clothes while you’re running. Will my legs touch my legs if I release the shorts? Will my new tank top rub under my arms? Will the pirate tights that I bought yesterday go down? Seriously, try everything before, even one day, and you will avoid getting uncomfortable for 10 kilometers.

And above all, never ever, ever slippers are released the day of the race. We have to know our shoes and do some kilometers with the sneakers to know if they respond well to our way of treading and to check that they do not make blisters or scrapes (very common when we release sneakers, and a fat problem in the race). The best advice is to run with the same sneakers you have trained: that way you go on safe.

On clothing in general the advice is “better to spend a little cold at first heat die later”. I usually wear a long-sleeved technical shirt and above the race shirt. And that’s it. If it is very cold I can wear a jacket that is easy to remove because at the maximum 10 minutes you will begin to sweat and the heat (with the consequent dehydration) takes much worse than the cold.

Music and company

This is already a very personal issue, both the soundtrack that will accompany you if you decide to take it, as the one of running alone or accompanied. As for music, there are many people who say it’s best not wear helmets to go listen to your own body and the people who are cheering, one of the best things about racing. I am personally unable to run without music, so I prepare a playlist with some sugarcane PowerSong to give me encouragement when my strength fails.

About running together, it may be the best choice in our first race: run with a friend or a friend who already has experience will help us to calm nerves before departure and can count on their invaluable advice born of experience. I, as before, unmarked: I prefer to run alone to not condition the rhythm of anyone, and also not condition mine. I’m not asocial, I run very concentrated.

The day before the race

The day before the race can go a while to clear your head and lighten the legs with a short, gentle trot, but not train fire. And above all do not make the mistake of doing 10 kilometers the day before “to try and see if I can tomorrow”. Doubt the doubt: if you run today is very likely that tomorrow you can not.

Throughout the day before drink enough water and Hydrate well and make a normal dinner, as you usually always do. Make sure it is not too heavy so you can rest well.

Leave everything prepared in a chair before going to sleep to make sure you do not let anything: special mention for the dorsal and safety pins to put on the shirt, which is usually what we always forget.

So far the pre-10K preparation. Soon we will see what to do on race day before, during and after it. Have you already chosen the race to debut?

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