Can Food Generate Addiction? Know the most addictive foods

As if a drug can generate food addiction? science apparently indicates that this is possible and today we show the most addictive foods you should avoid in your diet if you want to eat less or better each day.

Food and its addictive power

We have said it is possible the existence of a similar relationship between food and our body that between the drug and our body, however not all foods have the same effect.

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The addictive power of food is determined by its components and / or nutrients, which in the brain induce similar to that of certain substances and / or activate pleasure circuits that encourage us to eat more and more, especially response if we are Stressed or want to feel better.

Thus, not any food and / or preparation may trigger addictive behaviors, but, it has been found that the content of sugars and / or fats, and the degree of processing, are predictors of food addiction.

In addition, foods with these characteristics possess high concentration and are absorbed quickly, as they do with addictive drugs in our body, therefore, are these special meals responsible for its addictive power.

Know the most addictive foods

Given that certain preparations and / or food can develop in us an addictive behavior and encourage us to eat more and more of them, it is important to know the most addictive foods if we take care of our food to benefit the health and our aesthetic through diet.

Among the most addictive foods are those with a high degree of processing, such as fast food in general, in addition to fats and / or sugars in large proportions, it is surrounded by marketing strategies that can encourage addictive behavior as has It has been studied.

The sweets in general and sugary drinks, and not specifically with sucrose with sweeteners such as aspartame, can also be addictive to induce a reduction of cortisol or stress in our body as has been proven.

Thus, at such high levels of stress today, eating foods with sugar, they not satiated and absorbed quickly, and also help us better feel to reduce the level of stress, become a perfect drug to the body.

Similarly, food concentrates in fat such as cream, butter or the like, and even more so when combined with sugars, can be addictive.

Of course, the evidence indicates that develop in the brain a large release of dopamine, as do drugs, but as long as they are consumed in excess this type of addictive foods.

Foods that in addition to sugars and / or fats are crisp, we also crave more as has been shown , can soothe our anxiety and become more addictive than those crispy but rich in fiber and / or protein for example.

Given all these factors, we can say that the most addictive foods whose excess in our diet should avoid are:

  • Fast food in general
  • Cream and cream ice cream
  • Frying in general
  • Sweets and / or bauble
  • Sweet cakes
  • Industrial frying pans
  • Fried commercial snacks

If we want to prevent excesses in our diet and watch your weight and health, you should know that these addictive foods are great enemies of good nutrition, therefore, it is advisable to reduce their presence in our diet.

Abstinence syndrome?

As with drugs and other addictive substances, foods with such features before, consumed frequently and in considerable proportions, they can also cause a withdrawal syndrome in our body when we try to moderate their consumption.

Of course, because it is food, not drugs, that is, because it is food we need daily and it is also healthy to cause us pleasure, we can not avoid them altogether , but we can and it is advisable to limit their presence .

That is, if we want to avoid excesses and / or eat healthier every day, it is advisable would limit the frequency and amount of consumption of addictive foods previously named, so as not to suffer withdrawal symptoms before our attempts to reduce their intake.

You know, food can also lead to addiction, but not any dish encourage us to eat more, but that those above are the most addictive foods you should know and reduce your diet to be healthier and fit every day.

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