Be careful when training your back! Some tips to place us properly

We have talked about the importance of putting ourselves correctly in the practice of training, since it is necessary to keep the parts well worked together and avoid overloading others. The back is usually a part in many exercises usually involve inadvertently because of misplacement of it. So we want in this post give some tips to keep in mind when settling.

It is true that back, specifically the backbone is a link to all parts of the body, and thus is involved in most movements and postures we perform throughout the day. But this does not mean that we should force it and not give it the attention it deserves, since the appearance of contractual and injuries due to its misuse are the order of the day, and more among the people that we train in a habitual way.

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To the parrot of the load

A maxim must always be kept in mind. When we are doing any exercise and we see that the intensity is supported by the back, not working this part, is that we are not doing things right. In these cases we may be doing wrong exercise, adopting poor posture or using a higher than we can load. Therefore it is necessary to review these points to correct as soon as possible.

Correct positioning of the back on the backrest

In the years in which we use a machine with backup it is necessary to pay special attention to the placement. This is the case of fixed benches or back-up machines, in which it is necessary to perfectly adjust the height to our physical qualities. Ideally, your feet should rest on the floor in a relaxed manner. Let our bottom be perfectly on the seat, and the back fully supported from the lowest to the highest part of it. We must form a kind of union with the bank so that we isolate the part worked and be the only one involved.

Some tricks to support the whole back

To achieve this total support we can draw some tricks. For example, if we stand horizontally we can raise our legs to support the entire back. This posture can be adopted in the pectoral press. If, on the other hand, we sit with the vertical back, we can slightly raise our legs by placing a step where we will support the feet. This way the back will be more close to the back, forcing the whole back to be completely immobilized.

Avoid back strain

Finally we will make a recommendation never overload a worked part. When training smaller muscle groups such as the shoulder, biceps or triceps … we should not lose sight of the fact that these are small muscles that can not lift disproportionate loads. If we apply a very high load we will inevitably involve the back with the risk that this entails for it. Therefore we must be consistent and always seek the correct development of the exercise in the face of increased loads.

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