Money and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

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Money really does buy happiness. At least that’s the results according to one survey, in which more than 125,000 people around the world participated. Across the board, regardless of age, gender, or location, people with more money felt happier about their lives than those with less money. This is the largest study of its kind to investigate the relationship between money and happiness.

The survey, which measured a person’s sense of well-being based on factors such as feeling respected, having friends and family to rely on, and having a sense of control over one’s own life, may indicate more what money offers than the power of money in and of itself.

University of Illinois professor emeritus of psychology Ed Einer led the study. He explained, “Yes, money makes you happy – we see the effect of income on life satisfaction is very strong and virtually ubiquitous and universal around the world, but it makes you more satisfied than it makes you feel good. Positive feelings are less affected by money and more affected by the things people are doing day to day.”

While previous studies have indicated a connection between money and happiness, work in the area has never been conducted on such a global scale. This is the first broad-scale international study to make an effort to identify the differences between emotions and satisfaction in life and how money interacts with those differences.

Fellow researcher Daniel Kahneman, professor emeritus of psychology at Princeton University, says this study brings psychologists into a “new era” of well-being analysis.

Kahneman explained, “When people evaluate their life, they compare themselves to a standard of what a successful life is, and it turns out that standard tends to be universal: People in Togo and Denmark have the same idea of what a good life is, and a lot of that has to do with money and material prosperity. That was unexpected.”

What the researchers have discovered is that beyond money, what makes people everywhere feel “happy” are universal feelings, making it easier for psychologists to identify what components it might take to have a content life.

“What we didn’t know before is the extent to which life evaluation and emotional well-being are so distinct. When you look at the books about well-being, you see one word — it’s happiness. People do not distinguish.”

The survey was conducted by Gallup and has been referred to as the “first representative sample of planet Earth.” The study was designed to be statistically representative of the world, and represents almost 96 percent of the population.

Using a list of measures designed to determine the person’s life happiness, including such basic needs as food and shelter and such complex components as to whether or not they smiled the previous day, the study showed that overall life satisfaction was correlated with income.

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College Bound: Packing Your Communication Skills For a Healthy Dorm Life

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College is a transitional period of life that promises enormous growth and with it, overwhelming amounts of change. For the first time in their lives, many young people find themselves completely or semi self-sufficient. Teen movies and melodrama miniseries on television depict college as a never ending party scene. Like me, many young people entering college are unaware of the psychosocial pressures, responsibility and difficulties that follow their celebration of receiving an acceptance letter.

One major concern for college students is dealing with roommates. Roommates and sharing living space can have a large impact on the college experience. After unpacking your bags and getting over the high from being away from home, the reality of cohabitation with a stranger sets in.

The key to successful roommate relationships is communication. Keep in mind that everyone comes from different cultural, social and family backgrounds. Hence, no two people who have never met communicate quite the same. You’ll encounter either people who are passive and don’t express their thoughts outright; or, assertive people who clearly speak their minds. Then, there are aggressive people who hide behind a guise of being assertive when really, they’re just rude and overbearing. Finally, you may end up living with a passive-aggressive person. They don’t always communicate effectively, act out to express their anger, and believe that the rest of the world lives in his or her mind. Everyone has a little bit of each communication style. Identify the communication style of your roommates as soon as possible.

Passive people can be very trying to have a fruitful conversation with. It’s like playing a guessing game as to what they’re feeling. Always validate what they tell you. Never disregard the input of someone that you’re talking with. With passive people, it may be tempting to override what they say or you can become easily frustrated with their inability to have a discussion. Be patient, repeat back what they do say and work with the information that they gave you. Passive people tend to agree with the speaker and understand all perspectives of a situation.

Assertive people are forthright in their opinions. Typically, they can confidently converse with you about an incident and compromise accordingly. Contrastingly, aggressive people are very difficult to compromise with. They may try to speak over you, make insults or refuse to modify their offensive behavior. Minor disputes can morph into unbridgeable divides if an aggressive roommate gets out of control.

If you find roommate relationships to be unmanageable, approach your Resident Assistant (RA) as soon as possible. The responsibility of an RA is to intervene when there are stalemates between residents. Always attempt to resolve an issue with your other suitemates before going to an RA. That speaks to your maturity and your roommates will find you to be trustworthy.

Rest assured that the categories mentioned above are not cookie cutter shapes. An assertive person may also have hints of aggressive and passive aggressive behavior. It’s never safe to assume that someone is telling you absolutely everything that bothers him or her. In these instances, you can only react to what someone tells you.

Quarrels and all out suitemate wars can erupt over seemingly irrelevant things such as: being too noisy, untidiness, having company over too often etc. At their worst, roommate arrangements gone awry make you feel the need to walk on eggshells while at home. To avoid conflict, sit down with all of your suitemates after settling into the dorm or apartment. Establish some ground rules. Then, everyone will be clear about the expectations of their cohabitants.

Initially, everyone will boast of a carefree and lax college mentality as if nothing could possibly bother him or her. Don’t be naive. Misunderstandings happen. Be honest with the people you live with. Listen to whoever is speaking and develop a medium ground with plenty of room for compromise on the sticky issues. College is a wonderful time of self discovery. It’s better spent on improving yourself versus meandering around skirmishes over simple mishaps like leaving the light on or the sink full of dirty dishes.

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Skin stains-8 natural remedies for clearing skin stains

Skin stains-8 natural remedies for clearing skin stains

Remove your skin stains with natural home remedies

Excessive exposure to the sun, coupled with the intake of particular medications, hormonal swelling or metabolic dysfunction may cause the appearance of unhealthy dark spots in your skin stains. The worst thing? They typically appear at the most visible spots, those most exposed to the sun such as face, neck, hands, and neckline. Continue reading “Skin stains-8 natural remedies for clearing skin stains”

How to Regulate Melatonin and Sleep Better?

The darkness sends to our brain the signal that it is time to sleep, it is convenient to avoid the light stimuli, like the television or the mobile, before going to bed sleep better.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating many biological functions (including sleep and wakefulness).

That is why it is essential to keep it balanced if we want to rest well and avoid some disorders as frequent as insomnia. Continue reading “How to Regulate Melatonin and Sleep Better?”

Face mask combination skin at home

Face mask

Today we will talk with you about caring for combination skin. Combination skin type is so called for the unification of the properties inherent in oily and dry skin at the same time. Probably, this is familiar to many. For more information about this type of skin you can read in the article Types of skin Fat T-zone combined with dryness of the remaining parts of the face, also has a tendency to pimples on oily areas. Therefore, for such skin care should be comprehensive, aimed at solving many problems simultaneously.

Selection of home-made mask for combination skin is extensive, and they take into account its features. Natural homemade mask, as a rule, much more efficient, safer and more economical than store bought cosmetics. Using them correctly and in strict accordance with the recipes, you can achieve visible positive changes. Continue reading “Face mask combination skin at home”

Can Food Generate Addiction? Know the most addictive foods


As if a drug can generate food addiction? science apparently indicates that this is possible and today we show the most addictive foods you should avoid in your diet if you want to eat less or better each day.

Food and its addictive power

We have said it is possible the existence of a similar relationship between food and our body that between the drug and our body, however not all foods have the same effect. Continue reading “Can Food Generate Addiction? Know the most addictive foods”

Strategies to control hypertension


In one of our tickets yesterday we told you that as opposed to what we have always believed, according to recent studies, sugar has become the enemy No. 1 in hypertension problems.

And is that we have always tried to mitigate the problems of blood pressure through the restriction of sodium, but from now also we must do so through the added sugars. Today we tell some strategies to control hypertension.

Yesterday we gave some guidelines or general advice as trying to take fresh produce and discard processed by excess sodium and sugars that lead, but today we will dig a little deeper into some factors that must control to achieve our purpose of “keeping At-risk “blood pressure. Continue reading “Strategies to control hypertension”

Everything you need to know to make your first career a success

career a success

With spring begins the racing season and if one of your New Year’s resolutions has been start running (or as you did before) may are ready to face your first race 10 kilometers, are you game? We give you the keys to all the preparation you need to do to make your first 10K a success.

Choosing the perfect race

The first thing you have to do is choose the race in which you’re going to debut. Maybe you’ve been training for a particular career, but if it’s not, it’s important that before you decide on one particular you take into account several factors. Continue reading “Everything you need to know to make your first career a success”